May 2, 2016



St. Luke Community Clinic (SLCC) offers medical care for acute, minor illnesses and chronic medical problems. Appropriate referrals are made to other providers in the community for patients needing specialty care, including laboratory work and diagnostic tests. Although care provided at the clinic is provided at a nominal fee, any care offered outside the clinic, such as through a specialist, may come with a significantly higher cost. Patients are responsible for asking all specialists about their responsibility for payment. The clinic does not pay any medical or hospital costs for patients.

The clinic has limited appointments available. Two walk-in clinics are available to patients. Tuesday walk-in clinic, hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., is open to patients already registered with the clinic who are sick or need medical follow-up.  First-time patients must come to our Thursday walk-in clinic at 5:00 p.m, at which time they will be screened for eligibility. All new patients must go through Thursday clinic to be registered for services.  Depending on patient load, established patients who are ill may also served.

Registered clinic patients may obtain some of their medications from the clinic (subject to a small administrative fee) through the Patient Assistance Program (sponsored by drug manufacturers and offering certain medications at no cost to eligible patients). Alternatively, patients may be given prescriptions for generic medications available at low cost at select local pharmacies.

Introduced in late 2015, St. Luke Clinic's dental services are available to existing patients whose eligibility is current and in good standing and only by referral from our medical staff.  The clinic has very limited capacity to address dental problems facing many of its patients and therefore treats patients based on most critical medical need.  Dental services are limited primarily to extractions and acquisition of dentures. 

St. Luke Community clinic offers services to those patients who meet the eligibility guidelines and are within the scope of the clinic’s care. No individual will be discriminated against because of his or her race, ethnic group, religion, gender or sexual preference.  At the discretion of St. Luke Clinic, patients who are delinquent in providing eligibility documentation may be dismissed until all documents have been received in good order.

For more details call the clinic at: (540) 636-4325


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